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Account Management Software

Account Management Software enables sales professionals to build a deep understanding of target accounts with a complete history of all the interactions that your sales organization or even your partners' sales organizations have had in that account. With Account Management Software, sales professionals can schedule and track account related activities, track product and service delivery, and establish new business opportunities with existing accounts. Account Management Software enhances long-term supply-oriented sales processes including those typically found in the consumer goods industry, the chemical and energy industries, the communications and utility industries, and the financial services industry.

Account Management Software enables account teams to:

  • Understand the customer's business drivers
  • Align with the customer's business objectives
  • Estimate the revenue potential for the account
  • Create and uncover new opportunities
  • Prioritize efforts around the best long and short-term opportunities
  • Proactively plan the role of partners
  • Market the correct products and services to each client
  • Manage key relationships across the account