B2C Hotel Booking Software

Transpire web visitors into your Hotel guests with our unique B2C hotel booking system.

Our encyclopaedic B2C hotel booking software is the complete online solution that eases your hotel booking spree. It is customized with multi language capacity with ease of full booking process.

With this software you can increase your market reach and ROI as you can provide scope to any sub agent of yours to work on your account. This will enhance your online travel business sales. This web based application wherein the full control of business can be done by you for full 24 hours. 

This B2C software connects with XML, API’s of all your suppliers and sum up the details so that the users can easily search, browse and compare the rates and offers from all your suppliers. 

It comes with out of the box features:

  • It comes with many yield management modules that optimize your revenue.
  • Provides volatile rate plans to accommodate varied guest requirements
  • Swift and user friendly automated rate  modification
  • Scope for promotion of E- marketing tools -brochures, E-vouchers, hotel event calendar display etc.
  • Provide real time guest portfolio report at a glance