Call Conferencing

Call Conferencing

The ability to connect with clients/staff in remote locations is invaluable. Call Conferencing is a unique system that allows you to set-up and control a virtual conference room.

This means various different people in any location can dial-in and participate in your meeting.


To access Call Conferencing: login to your Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. account and select "Conferencing" from the customer menu. 


A simple web interface lets you monitor the meeting. All participants are represented as chairs in a virtual conference room. Each room has a capacity of eight chairs so this means you can have up to eight people simultaneously talking and contributing to the meeting. 


Creating a conference is easy and anyone with a Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. account can set-up a conference roomand have clients/staff or even friends dial in and get talking. Every conference room has a unique PIN and room number ensuring you have a secure meeting environment.