Canteen Management Software

Managing canteen is not a cake walk activity. It requires management of so many persons at same time. The main challenge is to have centralized food distribution area in the organization that is simple and efficient.

Canteen management system aims at stress free dining experience. The system aids in simplifying their canteen management operations by tabling a solution that is easy to install, run and maintain. The system does away with the gap of between canteen and its usage in a smart and seamless manner. The feather in the cap is that it provides extra advantage of going paperless.

Canteen management system (CMS) gives freedom to create activity wise reports and logs for better management of day to day data. Any information pertaining to employees, vendors, items, departments can be managed perfectly for better study and analysis. With the excel sheets that is generated, one can make comparative study easily.

Speed and efficiency of the canteen is enhanced thus making room for lot more transactions on regular basis.

CMS comes with special and outstanding features:

 Enables both pre paid and post paid transactions
 User configurable time zone based availability
 Short keys for swift item selection
 Prepaid balances and transaction wise deduction
 Inbuilt TCP/IP network interface
 Vendor - wise reports for verifying payments
 Integration of payroll software for deductions at end of every month.
 Manages multiple staff canteen with central database
 User defined multiple canteen coupon print format
 Display the menu of LCD TV terminal

A well planned CMS offers all round solution for meal ordering and organize the canteen work. And to streamline your canteen and cafeteria you have to opt for Canteen management software.

What is Canteen management software?
It is the software that manages the working of your canteen and other eating joints perfectly. It maintains the accounts of working employees and keeps record of day to day inventory operations. It provides full information about cost of each employee.

Work flow of the system:

 At first, the person will swipe their card on the device or by putting the finger print
 The menu item on the input device will be chosen as per choice
 On this item choice, the device will issue canteen coupon from the in built printer
 This coupon acts as the confirmation of menu selected by the person inclusive of name, date, time, menu chosen and card code.
 The same coupon is presented by the person who visits canteen at the time of meals to the canteen person
 The moment the coupon is issued the device stores constant coupon data in its non volatile memory and these records are sent to computer memory.
 In no time the report of canteen is generated that might be sent to canteen manager to make arrangements of meals for that particular shift
 The reports will be viewed/ printed by Canteen manager for further record.

The work aspect of CMS is multi dimensional in nature. Each ERP software is designed has its own range of operations and functions. Certain operational functions performed are similar. In a nut shell functions of CMS software can be summed up as:

1. Create first hand details of canteen
2. Creating options under the inventory section with required groups and subgroups
3. Creating section for meals for different time slots.
4. Setting quantities and prices for all the items
5. Bill generation for each item
6. Synchronizing payment systems with option for cash and card payment
7. Generating detailed report for week wise and month wise
8. Enable comparing and comprehension of data
9. Checks on inventory costs.

Canteen management software has many advantages:

1. Do away with manual system of maintaining the coupons
2. On time and realistic information at finger tips for immediate use
3. Supports both prepaid and post paid methods of accounting
4. Integrate to payroll package for direct debit facility
5. It takes care of subsidies provided to employees by the company
6. Manual entry of transaction made easy and simple
7. Daily limit on amount for usage of canteen facility can be present.
8. Facilitates quick and efficient operations to cover bigger areas of employee inside specific time
9. Aids in advance planning
10. Increased customer satisfaction

Canteen management software provides benefits to the organization as it enables paper less transaction, get required provisions in advance and also enable to verify food consumed by the entire organization employee over a month.