Election Management Software

Power to the people is the core potential in elections, but how do you get it there when the election process and rules can be complicated and difficult. 

We create and freely distribute the Election Campaign Management Software, System to make it easier for people to run for office in India. we will encourage younger people to enter the political process as candidates. 

Software and the willing efforts of our programmers can be a way to hack the political system and make it easier for regular people to negotiate the often election statutes and get elected. It gives you more power.

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Our campaign software smartly manages your vote, voter files, allows you to target specific voting blocks, sends SMS and tracks all of your mass email, and makes campaign finance reporting a crack.

Election Campaign Management System

Ultimate solution for any kind of Election Campaign Management:
· Parliament Election 
· Institutional Election 
· Local Government Election 
· Trade Union Election 
· Internal Organizational Election 


· Voter Database 
· Volunteer Management 
· Team Co-ordination 
· Event Management 
· Campaign Analysis 
· Expense Management and date-to-date Report. 
· Bulk SMS for Voters and Volunteers